Virtual Mailbox Services Guide

E-mail system via virtual office allows you to access and delegate your mail in real time from any device anywhere. It also completely eliminates the task of opening, sorting and shredding your mail, freeing up time.

What is a virtual mailbox online?

A Virtual Mailbox is a digital mail service that provides your business with easy and convenient mail. Imagine if your physical mail was as easy to manage as your email – that’s what a virtual mailbox can do. With this service, your company has a physical address where your mail is accepted and processed. It is then scanned and uploaded to a digital platform where your virtual mailbox is located. This means that you have immediate access to it – no matter where you are.

What will I get?

You only pay for the services you need. Although packages and services vary from provider to provider, there are several standard features that define the virtual mailbox. These include a physical mailing address, registered agent, and digital mail platform. Services also include forwarding, processing, and shredding.
Physical postal address

You receive a physical work address at which you receive mail. You can use this address on business cards, websites, newsletters, anything you want! It also allows you to register your company on Google My Business.

Registered agent
Your business is provided with a registered agent. A registered agent is a legally recognized person who is responsible for receiving important and legal mailing notices. They are required for most U.S. businesses.

Digital Mail Platform
When your mail is received at your physical address, it is scanned and uploaded to a digital application. This means that you can access it online from any device anywhere in the world.

If you prefer to pick up mail, most virtual mailboxes also offer free storage services for their packages. This means that when you receive important mail, you can be immediately notified and know that it is stored in a professional and safe place for you.

Shredding Services
Any letter that you mark as “unwanted” will be immediately destroyed and deleted – you won’t even see it. Say goodbye to the junk mail and welcome to receive only the mail that matters to you.