When it comes to choosing the best virtual mailbox account, there are so many things you need to consider:

  • What addresses do they have? First, you need to check what addresses they provide and if it’s suitable for you or not.
  • Services. Each company offers slightly different set of services. Before setting up an account you should ask what features will be available for you.
  • Prices. Fees structure various a lot between different virtual mailboxes. The final price depends on a scanning fee, mail forwarding, storage, monthly fee.
  • How can you view your mail and how fast? Some virtual mailboxes offer friendly user apps which are very easy to use.
  • What security measures do they have? Check if all the security measures in place and if people who handle mail items are professionally trained to handle confidential information.
  • What they offer P.O. box or real street address? Decide for yourself if you need an actual address or just a P.O. box and from where choose the best plan for you.

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