What is a virtual office space?

What is a virtual office space?

Virtual office space is a service which provides a business owner with all office related services such as a registered professional address, phone answering service, communication service, videoconferencing and access to meeting rooms and lounges that can be used when necessary but without the need of renting an actual physical office space.

How does it work?

Businesses and individuals who sign up for a virtual office space can work from their desired location which can be anywhere in the world while the virtual office provider will manage all their business tasks. They will answer your phone calls, forward important calls directly to you or take notes, arrange meeting with your clients and partners, receive your mail and packages, etc. Virtual office space becoming more and more popular as a workspace solutions among freelances, entrepreneurs, small businesses who work remotely from home but want to have a registered professional address to add more credibility to their business and to not expose their home address due to security reasons.

What’s the difference between virtual mailbox and a virtual office space?

Virtual office and virtual mailbox may seem similar but they have different set of services. The main difference between virtual mailbox and virtual office space service is that virtual mailbox doesn’t provide office related services such as local phone number, call-handling, reception service and also it doesn’t provide meeting spaces and lounges. But digital mailbox service offers all the necessary features of a virtual office such as business address in the city and location you want which you can use for your website, business cards, etc. Advantages of a digital mailbox is that its quite affordable and it has additional features along with mailing services such as check depositing service, mail and packages forwarding, and easy access to your postal mail via any device.

Pros of a virtual office

  • The cost of a virtual office space is much cheaper than renting an actual physical office. This is one of the main reasons why it’s more appealing to startups and small businesses.
  • Location. You can choose the city and the area you want your business to be registered. Most of the time addresses that virtual office service provides are in reputable area that will give your businesses more professional and legitimate look.
  • It gives you privacy. Most small businesses work remotely from home and this means that their home address is available and viewable publically. Virtual office service protect your home address and gives you privacy.
  • Communication. Virtual office space will provide you with local phone number. A receptionist will answer calls from your customers on your behalf; important calls immediately will be forwarded to you. Also they can open and scan your mail and even forward it to you but at additional cost.

Overall, virtual office space is a great choice for all startup, entrepreneurs and small businesses. Using this service you will get a professional address instantly and you can select multiple locations in just once click. It’s  a quick and easy way to expand your business nationwide or internationally and to secure your home address.